Kombucha for heart burnThis fermented tea has been around for centuries, but has only started to become more popular over the last decade.

It has been touted as the all-inclusive health drink that can help with everything from improved digestion to stronger immunity.

There have been many questions asked as to whether it truly has anti-aging effects as well as is kombucha good for heartburn relief.

Kombucha is made from a green or black tea, sugar, and a live starter. The result is a fermented tea that contains probiotics. This tea contains beneficial yeast and bacteria as well as a small amount of vinegar and alcohol. It also contains gluconic acid.

Probiotics are starting to get more attention these days from food manufacturers as well as consumers and physicians. Kombucha tea being one of these probiotic drinks may provide anti-microbial effects against harmful bacteria such as Ecoli and provide anti-fungal properties as well. This versatile tea may also contain a host of minerals and vitamins.

The fermentation process is started by using bacteria and airborne yeast that give this tea it’s probiotic power. The most beneficial probiotic rich foods contain probiotics that are able to survive the acids in your stomach so they can reach your intestinal walls and be able to re-colonize your intestinal track much more effectively.

DSC_0032Using probiotics that are compatible with each other can help to create the greatest benefits for your digestive system. Probiotics that are natural to the digestive tract can help you re-colonize your digestive intestinal track as well as help to boost your energy and your immunities. You want a healthy microflora that is potent.

Is kombucha good for heartburn relief is one of the many questions that is asked when considering drinking this tea for health benefits. Heartburn is a very common condition and it is estimated that approximately 45% of and estimated 110 million Americans experience it more than once a week. Approximately 25 million adults seem to suffer on a daily basis from heartburn.

Although you may think that it is something to do with your heart, the fact is this condition is caused by having a problem with your upper digestive system. When your stomach acids in your upper digestive tract are not working correctly, they can create ‘refluxes’ or stomach acid that comes up into your esophagus.

The lining of your esophagus was not created to deal with digestive acid juices the way that your stomach lining is. Because of this, the acid creates a burning in your esophagus lining and causes the burning sensation that you feel in your chest. If allowed to go on too long, your stomach acid can actually cause ulcers in your esophageal lining.

The most common symptom of acid reflux that people feel when they are suffering from heartburn is that uncomfortable burning sensation in the chest. It can seem to become worse when you are bending over or lying down and can last for a few hours or just a few minutes.

You may also feel a pressure that seems to be just behind your breastbone, or you feel like you are having a hard time swallowing and the food is sticking in your throat or chest.

You may experience bloating or burping and seem to have an acid or sour taste hanging in the back of your throat. If you seem to experience difficulty swallowing or you have the symptoms of heartburn more than once a week, you should consider consulting your healthcare professional for a professional diagnosis.

Because kombucha tea is a probiotic drink, it can help to restore the natural flora in your digestive track and help to calm the overproduction of stomach acid. Over time, the healthy bacteria can get your digestive track functioning normally and your stomach will not need to overproduce stomach acid for digestion.

The foods that you eat can often be a trigger for heartburn. By avoiding these trigger foods in your diet you can also help to reduce or eliminate your heartburn symptoms.

Acidic foods such as tomato sauce, tomatoes, ketchup, coffee, and other caffeinated products should be limited or avoided altogether. Foods that can cause irritation such as drinking alcohol, drinking carbonated drinks, and garlic should be avoided as well.

Foods that will increase acid production in your stomach such as fried and fatty foods, mustard, and spices as well as onions should be avoided or limited in your diet. The use of peppermint can actually relax your esophagus muscles and allow acid to come up from your stomach into your esophagus.

There are also habits and activities that you may be doing that can contribute to your heartburn symptoms and you may want to alter them. Habits such as eating too fast or eating very large meals can trigger heartburn as well as lying down right after eating.

Exercising too soon after eating as well as drinking alcohol can also help to trigger your heartburn symptoms. Suffering from too much anxiety or stress can also be a major trigger as well.

Stressed is also a factor as we tend to emotionally eat and mindlessly put food into our mouths without paying attention. Comfort foods and stress eating can both trigger higher stomach acid production, which in turn causes your heartburn symptoms.

If you are wondering is kombucha good for heartburn relief, the answer would be that this probiotic tea can help in reducing your symptoms as well as help restore the health of your digestive track and work in conjunction with your avoidance of trigger foods and habits.